Mind-blowing Earthworm Facts

Whenever you see an earthworm, your instinct would surely tell you to crash it to death with your foot. This is the initial reaction most especially during winters. This is really sad because earthworms are not merely pests. Gardeners will definitely agree to this. Most of the time, these worms start their migration outdoors as the said season comes to close. They do this because they want to be in real contact with harbingers. There are just the common earthworm facts that most people are accustomed to seeing. They are really far beyond the surface.

A person who works with soil is aware of the earth exposing wigging, shiny and pinky-brownish tubular life form. Up until now, there are still debates. Are earthworms a friend of farmers, or not? Here are the points to ponder.

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Earthworms – earth friendly or not?

Here’s the thing – the use of an earthworm would really depend.

Up to date, there are infinite variations of Earthworms. All over the world, they are almost of 6,000 species. There are familiar ones to humans of course. These are the typical kinds which you may walk on in your garden. This is called the night crawler. This would surface right after the dark. Another is the angleworm. This is famous because it is utilized as a fishing bait. The last one is called the rain worm. This would always leave a soil waterlog. This is going to take place after most storms.

In Canada and United States alone, there were 180 earthworm species found. Almost 60 of these are said to be invasive. This included the aforementioned night crawler which was obtained from the Old World.

Earthworms do not have enough lungs in them. This is one of the reasons why they only breathe with the use of their skin. For most of the time, their skin is responsible in exuding fluid. This lubricates. As this happens, it is easier for them to move underground. This also keeps their skin moist all throughout. Through their skin pores, there an earthworm specie in Australia that can shoot fluid effortlessly.

Every earthworm is both female and male. They can produce both sperms and eggs. Their mating take place on the earth’s surface. There is a clitellum, this is considered a collar-like organ which would go around the worm’s body, which can produce a ring all around the worm. The worm in this juncture would just crawl out of the ring itself. It would then have the ring filled with eggs. The same is also true with sperm. Afterwards, the ring would drop off. This is the perfect time to shut the seals. This is when they turned out to be a cocoon. Eggs are to be developed this way.

Most of the baby worms are derived from tiny eggs. They are fully formed that way. For the first two up to even three months of their lives, they are meant to grow their sex organs. Their life span may reach 8 years.