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Homeopathic Remedies for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a fairly common medical condition, which is characterized with all over tenderness and pain. Fibromyalgia usually is characterized with body aches, chronic muscle pain or aches, fatigue, tender areas that affect the muscles and joints, numbness and tingling and fatigue. Other symptoms can include palpitations, irritable bowel syndrome, sleeping problems, migraines and problems with memory. Fibromyalgia is more common in women, but affects both men and women. Fibromyalgia can range anywhere from being mild, to being severe. Mild cases of fibromyalgia can often be relieved with lifestyle and medical changes, but many cases of fibromyalgia can not be cured.

Homeopathy should never be used in place of any current medical treatments being used for fibromyalgia, but can be used in addition to these treatments. For those that currently do not require any medical treatment for their fibromyalgia, homeopathy can be used on its own. Although homeopathy can not cure fibromyalgia, it can help to improve the condition and the symptoms.

Nux vomica and Rhus Toxicodendron for Fibromyalgia

Nux vomica is homeopathic remedy that can help with fibromyalgia that is characterized with tight muscles that tend to spasm. Usually those that will benefit from this homeopathic remedy have symptoms that get worse with cold weather and feel relief with warm applications or baths.

Rhus toxicodendron is a homeopathic remedy that can help with fibromyalgia that is characterized with stiffness in the muscles and joints that is worse in the early morning or when lying down. This homeopathic remedy also works well for joint or muscle stiffness that gets worse with cold or rainy weather.

Pulsatilla and Ignatia for Fibromyalgia

Pulsatilla is a homeopathic medicine that can help with fibromyalgia that is characterized with pain that moves throughout the joints. This homeopathic medicine works especially well for women with a hormonal imbalance, such as menstruation or menopause that plays a factor in their fibromyalgia and its symptoms.

Ignatia is a homeopathic medicine that can help with fibromyalgia that is characterized with cramping muscles. This homeopathic medicine works best for fibromyalgia that worsens from stress or emotional upset or trauma.

Homeopathic remedies can be found at many natural food stores, and are easy to find online. Although homeopathic remedies do not require any prescription, many people prefer to have their homeopathic remedy selected by a licensed homeopath. Although it is very rare there can be bad reactions to homeopathic medicines.

Proud And Beautiful: Amy Schumer’s Weight Gain Isn’t A Reason to be Sad

Amy Schumer is a popular standup comic and actress. In 2017, Forbes Magazine acknowledged her as the first woman to crack the top 10 of the highest-paid comedians list. Starting out in the business she caught a lot of flak because of her body. It has not been easy for her. Since she gained stardom, Amy Schumer’s weight gain has hounded her although it has not affected her career.

She tried to fit in with Hollywood comments when she started. She lost weight for her role in “Trainwreck” when she was advised that she would hurt people’s eyes because of her weight.

Since then, she has proven her critics wrong, and has fought for her right to be comfortable with her body.

She has famously said that even at 160 lbs, she “can catch a d**k whenever I want.”

She has proven that her success is not dependent on her weight. Her fans agree with her, as she continues to have assignments even while silencing critics body shaming her.

She has been fighting her weight since she was young. Almost all her life she has been the object of body shaming. When she lost weight for “Trainwreck”, she decided that was the last time that she would lose weight for a role.

As a stand up comic, part of her routine is to make fun of herself. She has a unique perspective about weight and body shaming, for herself and society in general.

Through it all, her confidence on stage comes because she believes in herself. She doesn’t want self-pity, and she knows she is pretty.

The 35-year old actress and comedian is one of the most successful women in Hollywood today.

She has also made sure that women and girls see that body shaming is insulting, and her comedy routines have always pointed that out to the crowd.

She is comfortable with her body and is not afraid to wear a two-piece bathing suit, or revealing clothes.

Mila Kunis Without Makeup Looks Like a Totally Different Person

There are women whom people brand as “makeup beauties”. They are those who only look stunning with full makeup on. Mila Kunis probably falls in this category. Seeing Mila Kunis without makeup is quite shocking. Her no makeup photos even became viral. She has become the poster girl of celebrities who look totally different without makeup.

This unflattering photo of Mila has gone viral. People were totally shocked to see her look like this in her natural form.

She was photographed again in a more casual look without any makeup. She looked better than her other no makeup photos, but she still looks different.

Even celebrities like Mila also get tired at times. When they do, their real beauty comes through. In this photo, she seemed to have stopped caring at all.

She looks fresher in this no makeup photo, but it is still difficult to imagine that it is Mila. She is a totally different person without makeup.

The good thing about beauties like Mila is that when they are fully glammed up, they look totally hot.

Just be grateful she doesn’t wear makeup all the time. If she does, she looks angelic, stunning and really hot.

Mock her all you want when she appears without makeup. If she came out fully glammed up, you will surely die of jealousy. She is really hot.

Mila is more than just a pretty face. People obsess about her no makeup look, but she is way better than that.

Mila is a proof that celebrities are just like any of us. They are just like normal human beings when they are not performing or acting.

If she is all fixed up, Mila can easily look like a human Barbie doll. She has great features that are strikingly hot.

Facts about Aphrodite – A Closer Look at this Greek Goddess

Aphrodite is known to be the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Well, this is true according to the Theogony of Hesiod. She was born from Paphos in its foam waters. This was directed towards Cyprus. Many said she just suddenly arose from the foam. This happened when Titan Cronus was seen slewing his father, Uranus. He was even seen throwing his genitals being thrown in the sea. There are still many facts about Aphrodite. What are these?

Knowing Aphrodite

Based on Homer’s Iliad, Aphrodite was the daughter of Dione and Zeus. According to many Greek deities, there were still other stories which are related to the mentioned goddess. What are these?

sam_spratt_aphrodite_statue.jpg (720×960)

There are gods out there who believed that the beauty of Aphrodite was the reason behind the war of gods. Since this was the case, Zeus asked Aphrodite to marry Hephaestus. This was done because he believed that he will not be a threat for he was deformed and ugly.

During her marriage, Aphrodite still entertained lovers. These lovers were not just gods, but also men. The popular ones she got involved with were god Ares, and Anchises who is an immortal. Aphrodite was also linked in the story of Psyche and Eros. This occurred when the known admirers of Psyche ignored, and even neglect Venus. Instead, they focused their attention on Psyche. As this unfortunate incident transpired, Aphrodite plotted a revenge against Eros or Cupid. However, the tables were turned because he fell in love with her instead.

There was also a time in the life of Aphrodite when she became the lover of Adonis and his surrogate mother. This fueled a fight and feud against Persephone. Zeus had to go in the way by decreeing Adonis. Adonis was tasked to spend half of the year with that of Persephone.

The Basics

  • Aphrodite was known as the goddess of beauty, fertility and love.
  • There were two different stories explaining her birth. The first one was that she was the daughter of Dione and Zeus. The other one was that she rose from the sea foam.
  • Aphrodite was asked to marry Hephaestus. However, she did not become part of the union in accordance to her own will.
  • Ares and Aphrodite later convinced Harmonia to marry Herodotus.
  • Her union with Hermes resulted to Hermaphroditus.
  • Aphrodite planned a scheme with her own sun Cupid, or Eros, so that they could make Zeus fall for Europa, a human.
  • Aphrodite fell in love with Adonis. She was there when the latter was born. Ever since, she was determined to make the boy hers. With this, Persephone was assigned to the care of Adonis. However, Persephone fell in love with him. This was the time when Zeus had to do something for mediation.
  • A swan-drawn car was utilized by Aphrodite so that she could glide easily through the air.
  • Ever since, Hera and Aphrodite were not friends.

There were times when Aphrodite was symbolized by Rose, Scallop Shell and Dolphin.

Mind-blowing Earthworm Facts

Whenever you see an earthworm, your instinct would surely tell you to crash it to death with your foot. This is the initial reaction most especially during winters. This is really sad because earthworms are not merely pests. Gardeners will definitely agree to this. Most of the time, these worms start their migration outdoors as the said season comes to close. They do this because they want to be in real contact with harbingers. There are just the common earthworm facts that most people are accustomed to seeing. They are really far beyond the surface.

A person who works with soil is aware of the earth exposing wigging, shiny and pinky-brownish tubular life form. Up until now, there are still debates. Are earthworms a friend of farmers, or not? Here are the points to ponder.

earthworm on leaf.jpg (800×539)

Earthworms – earth friendly or not?

Here’s the thing – the use of an earthworm would really depend.

Up to date, there are infinite variations of Earthworms. All over the world, they are almost of 6,000 species. There are familiar ones to humans of course. These are the typical kinds which you may walk on in your garden. This is called the night crawler. This would surface right after the dark. Another is the angleworm. This is famous because it is utilized as a fishing bait. The last one is called the rain worm. This would always leave a soil waterlog. This is going to take place after most storms.

In Canada and United States alone, there were 180 earthworm species found. Almost 60 of these are said to be invasive. This included the aforementioned night crawler which was obtained from the Old World.

Earthworms do not have enough lungs in them. This is one of the reasons why they only breathe with the use of their skin. For most of the time, their skin is responsible in exuding fluid. This lubricates. As this happens, it is easier for them to move underground. This also keeps their skin moist all throughout. Through their skin pores, there an earthworm specie in Australia that can shoot fluid effortlessly.

Every earthworm is both female and male. They can produce both sperms and eggs. Their mating take place on the earth’s surface. There is a clitellum, this is considered a collar-like organ which would go around the worm’s body, which can produce a ring all around the worm. The worm in this juncture would just crawl out of the ring itself. It would then have the ring filled with eggs. The same is also true with sperm. Afterwards, the ring would drop off. This is the perfect time to shut the seals. This is when they turned out to be a cocoon. Eggs are to be developed this way.

Most of the baby worms are derived from tiny eggs. They are fully formed that way. For the first two up to even three months of their lives, they are meant to grow their sex organs. Their life span may reach 8 years.

Working Full Time When Your Child Has Asperger’s

When you have a child with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), even the most mundane parts of life sometimes seem to require a super-human effort. The idea of holding down a full-time job can feel overwhelming, since raising your child and advocating for him or her already requires so much of your strength and energy.

Many parents of children with special needs do choose to stay home to devote themselves to their child and his or her care. Others may choose to continue to work or have financial obligations that require them to work full time, either for money to pay the rent or to keep the medical benefits necessary to get proper care for their family. When a child has special needs, the necessity for quality medical insurance only becomes more apparent. It’s easy to feel caught in a Catch-22.

So can it be done? The answer (as it so often is in the world of autism spectrum disorders) is “Yes, but …” Just as you modify your home environment and school environment, so must you modify your work environment.

0201OPEDsahre-jumbo.jpg (1024×768)

Working from home

One good scenario is to work from home. You can get the majority of the work done while your child is at school (or while your child is involved in a project or his or her own) and be quickly available should an emergency arise. You can schedule therapy, IEP meetings and other appointments without having to worry about requesting time off. You are there when your child gets home from school and don’t have to deal with the added challenge of finding appropriate after-school care or questioning whether your older child is safe to be at home alone. This option would, however, require you to have the discipline to get the job done in spite of the numerous distractions.

Working on site

This scenario is where life start to get challenging but I can tell you from first hand experience that it can be done. I believe that it is helpful to be upfront and honest about the challenges that you face and hopefully your employer will be willing to create a flexible schedule for you. It is not, however, necessary, and an employer cannot force you to explain.

You absolutely must have a FMLA document on file. The Family Medical Leave Act allows you to take protected leave to care for an ill family member for up to 12 weeks per year without being penalized. You also retain full benefits during this time. Some companies will allow you to use sick pay or vacation pay when you take leave, and others won’t, so be sure to work with your Human Resources department and know what you are entitled to. Fill out the form to reflect intermittent leave. This allows you a certain number of “episodes” per month, and reflects the amount of time you would expect to be out per episode. You know your situation better than anyone else, so determine how often per month you might have to leave work and fill it out accordingly. Your child’s medical provider will need to fill out a section of the paperwork.

Communicate proactively with your provider so that he or she knows what information your HR department needs. Many kids with ASD have additional co-morbidities so you may need more than one form. I personally have two FMLA documents on file: one filled out by my child’s psychiatrist and intended to deal with behavioral outbursts at school and the other filled out by the pediatrician to deal with physical ailments.

If possible, request a non-traditional schedule. It is helpful to have a set day of the week to schedule ongoing appointments without having to request time off or use the FMLA. You could work four 10-hour shifts to have three days off per week, or work split shifts, or break up weekends. Other options are available as well, such as occasional telecommuting or job-sharing. I have a schedule that alternates weekends, which allows me to have Tuesdays off.

Please don’t forget to take some time for yourself. You have vacation days, use them! Schedule a quiet day off for yourself, get a massage, have coffee with friends. Sometimes it’s nice to take a vacation day here and there instead of taking a chunk of time off that you feel obligated to fill with activities. It’s easy to feel burnt out when you have so much responsibility, so make sure to recharge periodically.

After School Care

This is another challenge that must be faced when both parents work full time. Because of the impulsivity associated with Asperger’s Syndrome, it might not be a good idea to allow your child to come home to an empty house. In this case you will need to make other arrangements. Programs such as Boys & Girls Club provide a safe place for kids to go after school and they often have child care available for kids at the elementary school age. The leaders are trained to deal with a variety of social issues, and have usually seen everything under the sun. Schedule a meeting with the program director before signing your child up to discuss his or her needs.

Another option is to contact a child care referral line. As part of the interview process ask about the provider’s experience with special needs children. Be sure to explain your own child’s needs so that you can determine whether this provider is a good fit or not.

Keep a good support system around you. Ask family and friends for help and see if they can be “on call” in case your child needs to picked up or cared for and you can’t get away immediately. Many other resources are available for special needs child care. Check with your child’s therapist for local groups that can help out in this regard.

Interesting facts about the hammerhead sharks

Hammerhead sharks are the today’s topic to discuss in the article because in the shark is considered to be one of the amazing species in the world. Hammerhead sharks are the weirdest type sharks and it can be originated from both the deep and shallow water. Reading the information of the hammerhead shark is really an interesting one so that now you may get the brief description of the hammerhead shark facts. In the shark contains the unusual shape of its head it is the main reason that in the shark acquires this name.

The Fins of the hammerhead are the guardian of its safety:

The Hammerhead is a cluster of sharks that comes from the family of sphyrnidae. In the hammer sharks are classified into nine species and it most probably lives in the place of the ocean. Out of nine sharks only two species are considered as the most dangerous species in the world. Most of the people have the interest to hunt the hammerhead sharks because the fins of the sharks are the delicious food in certain part of the world. The Fins of the sharks are the best companion to attack the people if once the fins are completely removed from the sharks, then it automatically moves in to the ocean. For the reason that the sharks lose their fins after that it cannot be swim in the water and later it acquires the agony, then it leads to die. You cannot fix the accurate size of the hammerhead shark because the size of the sharks are mainly depends on the species types. However at the same time hammerhead sharks have the ability to reach the three to twenty feet length. Naturally, in the hammer head sharks can obtain the weight up to 1000 pounds.

Agile creature of the god in the ocean:

The mouth of the sharks is placed on the underside of its head and the hammerhead shark mouth equipped with the serrated and sharp teeth. One more interesting hammerhead shark facts are the hammer head and its metal detection. The teeth of the shark are in triangular shape and one of the most noticeable parts of the shark is its head. The hammerhead shark looks like the flat hammer and the shape of the head is the most important factor to find out the prey on the easy way. For the reason that, in the sharks head is acting as the metal detector and in the detecting function helps to find the prey even it can be hidden in the sand. The Hammerhead is a special organ than other species in the ocean, because it can detect everything through the electrical detector, that’s why the hammer can easily find their prey even in the murky water also. Generally, this kind of sharks can live between twenty to thirty years in the world. In the sharks have the ability to swim at the speed of 25 km per hour and also it is called as the agile creature of the god because it easily as well as quickly twists or turns their body.